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    Strange Sensation When Chest Is Pumped

    Hi folks, after 35 years of low volume work, I recently switched to high volume/pumping workouts with very good results so far.

    However when I am working chest I get a strange sensation, I never got before when doing low volume high intensity workouts. I now do 16 sets for chest with only 30 seconds rest and do 12 reps. As you can imagine I get quite a pump. When I am about 10 sets into the chest workout, I get this strange sensation with no pain so far, but it is extremely unnerving.

    It feels like my upper chest is sliding over my upper ribs and makes a squishing sound. It happens whenever I raise my arms up or twist from side to side or bend over like tying my shoes.

    It remains until the about 15 minutes after the workout is over. It is in the center of my upper chest. As best I can tell, I only get it when my chest is pumped up and it goes away when the pump goes away.

    Although there is no pain, I am worried that I am injuring myself somehow like somehow damaging the chest cartilage that attaches the ribs to the breastbone, but that is just a wild guess. Anyone ever experience anything like this or have any idea what is causing this?
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