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    4 Months Progress

    Hey guys,

    Back on this forum after a number of years being inactive lol. Think last time I used this forum I was 16 and now 22. Just thought I'd post my progress so far over a four month period. 5FT 7.

    Just a bit of background about me. At my heaviest, I was 13ST 5lb (187lb). When I began training I was 182lb and I'm currently 156.4lb. I'd put on a lot of weight throughout University(drinking five nights a week, eating crap, no physical activity). Decided to make a change and haven't looked back since and really enjoying it so far. The majority of my progress has been made working out from home due to COVID 19. I'm fortunate enough to have a decent enough set up from home.

    23% BF - 16.8% BF(According to electronic scale, appreciate may not be accurate)
    13st 0lb - 11st 2.4lb - 25lbs lost or just over 11KG.

    6x Training per week Push x 2, Pull x2, Lower x2. 3x5K runs per week.

    1600 Cals per day.

    Great to meet you all and if you have any advice on how I can improve please let me know. Also, if you have any advice on potential next steps please let me know. I'm thinking of a lean bulk but not sure if at that stage yet was thinking of trying to get down to around 15% BF. This is all relatively new to me and trying to learn as best I can so any help or advice is appreciated.

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