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    Post SC/Sternoclavicular Joint Injury Not Recovering

    I've had pain in the SC joint for almost 2 months now and the pain has slowly gotten better after cutting off all exercise. I bench pressed light weight a few days ago to test it out and it started hurting again but not to the extent that it had before. The joint still seems to be just as enlarged as it was when I first got the injury though, and hasn't gone down at all with the pain.

    I first had pain in the area when doing dips (only at the end of a set for about 5-6 seconds when coming off the bars). I stopped doing those out of fear of an injury and stuck to just bench pressing which didn't aggravate the joint at all, but about 2 weeks later after bench and push-ups I felt discomfort in the same area and ever since then there has been mild pain with certain shoulder movements, slowly feeling better but still enlarged and unable to do strenuous exercise.

    Bit of an essay I know, but does anyone have any idea if that sounds like a sprain, or maybe arthritis/something else? Or maybe experienced something similar? I just want to know the best plan of action to be able to start lifting again as soon as possible.
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