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    Wrist injury for 5 months - help?

    At the end of January, I injured my wrist from a bench press - I was still relatively new to the gym, and wasn't using the proper form.

    Originally, my wrist was swollen and gave me sharp pains when doing almost anything with it. Whilst this eased slightly over time, I was eager to get back to the gym, so I went ahead and saw a physiotherapist towards the end of February / early March. I was told that it was a sprain or strain, and was given some exercises to do (I don't remember the names, however one was placing a dumbell in my hand, hanging it off the edge of a table and moving it up and down, another was holding a dumbbell and rotating my wrist left to right). These exercises did improve my wrist, however due to coronavirus, I wasn't able to continue seeing the same physiotherapist, and was transferred to see a new physiotherapist via video chat.

    The new physiotherapist told me that what I had was actually a tendinopothy, not a sprain / strain and to abandon my current exercises and switch to new exercises (which I do know the names of) - eccentric supination, eccentric pronation and eccentric wrist ulnar deviation. It was now mid April, so around 3 months from when I first got the injury. I started doing these new exercises, however they made my wrist's condition a lot lot worse - back to where it was early Feb. I stopped doing the exercises and have just rested it since, however my wrist is still in that worse state even now.

    FWIW, my wrist hurts the most if I make a fist (palm facing towards me), and move my hand left and downwards.

    I have stopped having online physiotherapy sessions, as he told me that there was nothing more he could do in terms of video chat, and to wait until after coronavirus to continue sessions in person.

    I'm basically at a loss for what to do currently apart from resting it for the time being and was wondering if there is anything I could do to speed up the recovery process, as I'd ideally like to return to the gym as soon as they re-open here, but that's unlikely I guess.

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