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    shoulder, clavicle, chest muscle? need some insight


    Anyone can help me figure what i should do? So because of this virus situation, im being workingout at home with dumbells and a bench, but around 2weeks ago, im not sure maybe done some exercise on a bad position, it started with some pain in the shoulder region, the pain after some days gone away, but have kind of a disconfort in the chest region near to clavicle region and its like it clicks or something move when i do certains movements with my arms, its 2 distinct areas (going to attach photos with this regions). Took this 2 weeks off the trains, already seen an osteopah i know twice, he said i had the shoulder blocked and that was pulling my chest muscle, he went to put the shoulder in correct position, last time was last tuesday and he said after 3,4 days it should be good, but this disconfort and clicking continues to happen with moving the arms certains ways
    Any toughts about this? im starting to get confused and worried about it, do you think is something serious? or should give more time to rest? Gyms opened last week was planning to only go do legs for now

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