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    Smile I don't know what to do and it's really demotivating.

    I'm a 17 year old from the UK. For years now I've spent most my time indoors, don't have a social life, my last girlfriend was 2 years ago and I spent all my time playing videogames or guitar. I'm very light, pretty much underweight, I'm 5'10 and weigh 54kg, a couple years ago I was chubby coming in at 75kg with a high body fat. I starved myself for a year and lost 20kg.

    I would love to be able to work out, I have everything I need too, I have weights at home, bar/dumbbells, pull up equipment and a gym round the corner, and also a massive park to run in. However I just feel genetically unable to get a good body. When I was 15-16 I used my school gym every day, 5 days a week for an hour a day for a year and made NO progress. Didn't lose any weight, didn't build any muscle or burn any fat. And this really demotivated me and put me off ever wanting to start again. But I do want to start again now, I just don't know how to.

    I've seen videos
    Of people my age who have great bodies and I really want to achieve it, I would put in as much work as possible if I knew I could, I would work 10 hours a day if I knew I'd succeed. I don't know what to do, I don't know how to eat properly or work out properly. It confused me so much: How do you know if you're eating too little or too much? How do you know if you're working out too little or too much? How do you know if the amount you're working out is too much or too little for the amount you eat or vice versa? How do you know if you're drinking too much or too little? How do you know how much carbs, protein, fat, salt, sugar you should be eating? How do I know how long to run or how intense my workouts should be? It really really frustrates me, maybe I'm OCD or autistic or something but I'd love if there was a way it could just be set out for me like: Eat this much of this food exactly and do exactly this much of this workout. But I can't find anything which tells me exactly how.

    I really need help and would really appreciate any help you could give me, I want a good body for university and I'm prepared to work really hard to get it.
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    Okay first thing is every person is unique so what works for someone else may not work for you and in time you will come to figure out which movements work best for you. Work on the basis of becoming the best version of YOU.... no one else.
    First piece of advice get your nutrition right and learn about the correct way to eat....if you don't you will never hit any goals. Food is fuel so don't fall for this low carb eat like a rabbit bull, you need protein to build muscle, you need carbs to use as energy and you need fats too but the right fats... so Id spend a while learning how your body works, how it uses food before you even start lifting weights.
    2nd thing, form always comes first...If you are in this for the long haul learn compound moves only squats, deadlifts, bench.... moves that use all your muscle groups and do them with little to no weight until your form is right then start adding in weight...keep track of what your lifting so you can see your progression.
    You should weigh between 149-183 lbs so Id say your first job is to sort your diet out and everything you need is on this site so go to search and go to the macro calculator it will tell you exactly what to eat in grams per day, and which foods to eat. Nutrition is king and you may want to look at the programmes on here too as they give you nutritional guidance, supplement advice and programmes for you to follow so its literally laid out for you as a step by step guide BUT please address your weight/nutrition first, learn how to eat properly, you are only 17 and you need food... all new cells come from your food, its very much you are what you eat, so if you want strong bones, ligaments, muscles eat right first then everything else will come.
    Dont lose faith I started weight training at 39 and have had to learn from scratch, pick one good source for your information and don't deviate, there is so much on YouTube and quite honestly while some are okay, others are shocking! stick with the professionals on they will see you right.
    Good luck!
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