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    Red face Recovering Shoulder Impingement -> T-Bar Row ok? Why does chest days seem to help?

    First off props if you simply read this and even bigger props for any input/personal experience.

    So quick background...I managed to earn myself a shoulder impingement in December/January of this year. I kinda ignored it as just muscle soreness, but then on my back day I went to perform a warmup Lat Pull-Down and damn near teared up at the gym. It took me a while to get it under control and find a way to correct it - physical therapy was a waste, eventually found some youtube videos that started to fix it. X-Rays were good (no spurs) and I never got to the point where I could not reach overhead and had almost no pain-responses to any of the manipulation tests they performed (little with thumbs down resisting pressure).

    I installed a pull-up bar in the garage and have been hanging from it as often as I can (on the advice from my ortho). Strangely it makes my one side feel lovely after, but seems to worsen the other side.

    I have got to a point where, unless I am working overhead or I go a little too far on some workouts, I am pretty well pain free (never hurt during the workout EVER, but next 1-3 days can SUCK). I slowly am starting to do side lateral raises (thumbs pointed up, slightly bent over) and standing Y's to help work on my shoulder. I already have been working on my stabilizers for months.

    I do not understand it, but I have found I am more pain free after my chest days, or if I am in pain, the chest day will remedy it. I do notice that when doing the dumbbell chest press that my left and right side feel different I have more stability in one side (reason why I am staying away from barbells for now in hoping to even them up - fingers crossed there's nothing sinister behind this instability like a healed tear)...but like I said oddly the thing I was cautioned in avoiding (pushing) seems to be what brings me relief. I am hoping to get some myofascial release once they open back up here in case that is the culprit.

    Ok on to my questions for the brain-trust here.
    1. Is the T-Bar row fairly safe for a shoulder injury? Our gyms are closed here so I have very little else at my disposal...and obviously pull-ups would likely be the end of me. My back has atrophied significantly over the past few months (upper is great, but Lats...FML). For whatever reason even doing lat-pulls with a band seems to hurt me.
    2. Does shoulder impingement ever go away?
    3. Anyone else have similar experiences...outcomes?
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