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    Red face Trying to lose weight like jesse shand from youtude video

    Hi i join this because i saw a video with jesse shand and saw how much weight he was able to lose and the support he got. Was hoping to try and talk to him to see if maybe he had some ideas i could use to lose weight like him. Here's some about me.
    I'm 27 a mom of 2 and i've been trying to lose weight my whole life but i've just gotten bigger. The age of 13 i was 333 and just kept climbing with depression from some very bad things that happened at the time and finding out i had pocs (polycystic ovary syndrome). i started to make myself throw up but of course no success sense that doesn't work for real weight loss. I tried weight watcher but i gained instead of lossing. So i just stopped then i ended up pregnant with my son i gain almost 75lb now i was over 400lb i lost 20 of that after giving birth but was still over 400lb. Less then a year later i was pregnant again. I was very sick with the pregnancy i went down to 369 at 6 month pregnant . I finally was able to keep food down again but only eating maybe once a day and started to gain. After i had my child i weigh 400lb exact but had to stay in the hospital for awhile and gained 26 more pounds. When i got home i started back to my normal running around all the time with my 2 little ones and eating at most 2 times a day. I talk to my doctor who told me that i was basically starving myself and needed to eat more and remember to drink water. So i tried but i started to do what i did when i was younger i started to binge eat when i ate still not drinking water very much i hit 452 i got even more depressed i went back to my one meal a day thing and took out fructose corn syrup from my diet i didn't lose any then some more lovely stressful things happened and i stopped trying went down to 432 which for a year now i keep going back and forth from it to 420 to 440. I have taken soda out of my life again been hard to take out all fructose corn syrup sense everything seems to have it now.
    Sorry for all the information i just need some help i don't know what to do anymore i can't keep going like this i hurt so much i don't want to move even though i keep going. I hate talking about my weight but i need help. I want to lose weight to be able to keep up with my 6yr old and 4yr old. Can anyone here help me or have advice for a mom who at her wits end? Any help is helpful. Please be kind as this is something that really bugs me and i know very well is unhealthy. Thanks in advance.
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