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Thread: lat activation

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    Unhappy lat activation

    hi i have been struggling a lot with lat activation for the last week.
    i have been training for two years and have always worked hard on activation and prior to the last week i have not had a problem with activating my lats.

    however, i hurt my lower back leaning backwards too far when doing a shoulder press at too heavy a weight for me about a week ago, and since then i have not been able to activate my lats at all. I can tense them, but there is no pinch when i really squeeze them hard anymore and i just cant feel them doing exercises, despite doing just about every single lat activation exercise on youtube.

    im wondering whether this is related to me hurting my back, and if so, what i should do to get my activation back.

    P.S. it is worth noting that my back still does hurt a bit if i twist my torso so the injury has not been fully fixed.

    thanks and let me known if anyone has any ideas as im eager to pick up my back training asap.
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