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    Reoccuring - rib muscle/bruise?

    Hey All,

    I tend to not stretch at all, and am learning that I need to begin doing so.
    Regardless, curious to see if anyone has experienced this before:

    18months ago after days/weeks of basic push-ups/situps on holiday,
    I had bent over for my luggage and heard/felt what seemed like a 'pop' near my lower left ribs.
    It took weeks to cover, and felt like a broken rib from what I read of tenderness and pain while breathing heavily.

    It returned under similar circumstances 6 months later to the other side of my ribs on the right.

    It has thus returned again two nights ago at my first jiu-jitsu class.

    It hurts to move in certain positions, or rising too quickly... Feels like a busted/bruised rib, or maybe a pulled muscle?
    Currently using hot packs for it, but also curious as mentioned if anyone has ever experienced this before?
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