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    Contemplating competition

    Hey all,

    Complete novice here. I'm a 30 year old male who has maintained pretty good shape for most of my life. Weightlifting has been a longtime hobby of mine and something I enjoy doing to relieve stress. I'm 6'0 ft tall. For the past several years, my walking around weight has hovered around a lean(ish) 200, getting up to 205 at my heaviest. And on my best days, my bench is about 300 and my squat is around 400.

    My question pertains to the viability of taking a "natural" approach to bodybuilding competition, specifically if my goal is to eventually compete in the Men's Classic Physique category.

    As I said before, at my heaviest I've been up to 205. Granted, I wasn't intentionally trying to push past that at the time. My bench and squat maxes have been stubbornly static once they reached the 300 and 400 marks. While I'm still (relatively) young- I'm looking to register for a regional competition within the next year. It will probably be in 2021 at this point because of COVID. My eventual goal is to compete in Men's Classic Physique, but for my first competition I'm thinking I may just hit up Men's Physique first. I'm not sure which organization I will compete in for this, and pending some more independent research and the answers that I receive here- I'll be making that decision soon.
    I know there are lower-prestige organizations that pride themselves as being natural and drug-free such as NGA and INBA that I can turn to. But if there are any competition veterans out there that are reading this- would I even have any prospects competing in an organization like NPC if i'm taking a "natural" approach? I'm fairly certain that I can get in great shape and up to 215-220 for a Men's Physique category, but as someone who's never weighed more than 205- is getting up to 230+ for a Men's Classic Physique competition even feasible for someone that's trying to stay natural? (Also, I'm what most would consider a hard-gainer).

    I'm sorry if this is an elementary question, I just appreciate getting information straight from a first-hand source when at all possible.
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