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    Deltoid atrophy (body asymmetry)

    Hello, my name is JP, this is my first post here and actually in any forum. I will be 40 years old this month and I’ve decide to share my story with the objective to get any feedback, tips that can help me overcome this once and for all. I’ll try to be very concise.
    I had a car accident when I was 17 years old, my shoulder was dislocated and my humerus broken. Consequently, I went through surgery where they put a plate and five pins in my shoulder. As a result of the surgery or the accident (not sure really) my axillar nerve got damaged and over time this caused a severe atrophy in the anterior part of my deltoid. Believe it or not, it took me around a year to realize this (I started to work out in a gym for the first time and I saw that I did not have that part of my shoulder).
    “When I look back at this period of my time I wondered what would’ve happened if I noticed this earlier, perhaps I could have had some “nerve draft” of some surgery to fix the nerve (I’ll never know). I think this was because, back then, I wasn’t comfortable with my body, even before the accident (I was born with Pectus Carinatum, but that’s for another story)”. Let’s continue with this story.
    So, this injured has caused a disproportion on how my body handles weight, the right muscles of my upper body have to compensate for the lack of this part of the deltoid, therefore, they are bigger, especially my right pec. During my twenties, I was really depressed because of this, and I frequently tried to exercise solely my injured shoulder, so I can get it bigger and regain more symmetry with my left shoulder. At the same time, and with the same objective, I refused to exercise my left side, putting emphasis in avoid any growth in my left shoulder. (Very stupid idea!)
    Obviously, over time, this weakened my left shoulder to a point I had a shoulder dislocation when I was 25. Since then I had a chronic injury in my left shoulder, it can get out of place with any sudden movement. So, sarcastically, my right shoulder (the one with plates, pins and no anterior deltoid muscle) is stronger than the left one.
    To sum up, every time, I decide to get stronger and work out (improve myself in general) I have to deal with this body asymmetry. It’s like, the more I lift weights, the bigger the asymmetry is. So I could never follow a program long term, I always reach a level where I decided to quit and stop growing. I have been like this for more than 20 years, I am fed up.
    Finally, my objective for sharing this, is because I am about to reach 40 and in my 20’s I thought I’ll be over it by now (But not), which makes me feel a little bit like a loser. In my head I imagine two solutions.
    1) Grow up, accept your reality, work out with no fear, just get stronger and heal as much as possible. Accept my muscle asymmetry, embrace it and be happy.

    (Believe me when I say, I ‘ve tried this multiple times “books, videos, podcast, mental exercises, podcast, etc”). They have helped me a lot, I feel I’ve improved myself dramatically. Even though, there were days when I thought I finally overcame this, it came back to bite my ass the next morning. So I haven’t been able to get rid of this feeling.

    2) Get an implant (I’ve seen people get deltoid implants and I had contacts by e-mail with some doctors), look normal, work out and heal my left shoulder without worrying about asymmetry.
    This one seems expensive (15 000 $), but I must admit is the one I’ve been dreaming about for some time but I haven’t made the decision to save that amount of money.

    I’ve decided to put this post before my 40th birthday, after seeing a fat loss story on youtube, where the guy thanked this community for all the help and support. So I’ve decided to ask for help.
    So guys, I know this topic might be new for a lot of you guys, therefore, I’d thank any tip from somebody who is familiar with the situations described above. Thanks in advance!
    P.D. Please don’t misunderstand me, I am very thankful for my life (and that I am lucky enough to be able to move my both arms), I am able to practice sports, pick up weights and I have several more things to be thankful (family, health, etc). I just would like to finally walk around through life without this heavy bag.
    P.D 2. I am so sorry for the long post, but I just wanted to explain my situation clearly. (I even feel like a left several things unexplained)
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