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    Personal Training Plans and PARQ

    Hi, I am looking for some advise as I am relatively new to the world as a PT.

    What are my legal responsibilities to my clients concerning the provision of and record keeping for their personal training plans.

    Am I obliged to provide a training plan and must I keep this for a given amount of time.

    Also must I carry out a PARQ before starting training sessions, and what must I do if someone identifies pre existing injuries.

    Any advise much appreciated as I just want to ensure I am clear on my legal responsibilities as well as ensuring training is adapted to suit my clients.

    As an aside does anyone know if it is normal for a gym to charge to use their facilities and for me to be self employed and just effectively pay rent to the gym to enable me to use the equipment with my clients, and re payment from my clients, do I need to put these through my books as they will come in in most cases as cash in hand. Again just want to understand a little more about how the system works and ensure I do what I can to align to common practises.

    Finally do I need to keep up with any specific training certification to ensure my insurance is kept up to date?

    Many thanks

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