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    My workout since 2019 to now.

    I started at 2019 November 10.
    No one in my family knows that I am doing these workouts. I have not gone to any gyms or used any weights yet.
    2019 November 10: 150 squats, 175 situps, 75 pushups
    I planned on adding 5 to each per week.

    Today I did 205 pushups, 305 situps, and 5 miles.
    All these are in my own room, and I don't have any machines or anything special. If you guys have any good workouts I can do in my room, it would be kind of you to tell me how. (sorry if this sounded confusing). :/

    I'm currently a 13 year old at 124.5 pounds and is 5 foot 9. I just joined this forum today, in hopes of getting some tips. Idk.
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