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    Skinny Fat Female Teen - Please rate my routine/nutrition

    I am currently 5'5 130 lbs.

    I am not super chubby. I just have some fat I want to lose in my midsection, and on my arms. My butt carries fat but it's wide and flat so I will worry about fixing that when I begin my bulk in the future.

    I weight trained last year but wasn't consistent with progressive overload and my nutrition wasn't good. I want to get back to lifting and actually be more serious about bodybuilding when gyms are open again. I want to lose ~2lbs per week till I am around 114 lbs so I can start at a lean base when I bulk in July. I am planning on doing a 12 month bulk gaining maybe about 1.5-2 lbs per month. I am also saving up so I can get a coach soon which I'm super happy about. My goal is to compete when I am in my 20's, and I still have years to work towards that dream.

    My TDEE is ~1900.

    My BMR is 1400 so I try to eat around 1400 calories a day, no less than that. I am planning on weight training 4x a week using the SC beginner full-body program. These workouts burns about 200 calories from my research (of course it depends on your weight, intensity, etc.) I walk my dog for an 1h and a half (her breed needs lots of exercise) everyday which burns about 300 calories according to an app I use.
    Is steady state cardio like walking everyday okay for some one that's skinny fat like me?

    Monday - SC A Day, walk dog
    Tuesday- SC B Day, walk dog
    Thursday- SC A Day, walk dog
    Friday - SC C Day, walk dog
    Saturday - HIIT, walk dog
    Sunday - HIIT, walk dog

    I'm incorporating weights/resistance bands that I have at home. No barbell/dumbbells tho

    These are my macros:
    Carbs: 88 g
    Fat: 62 g
    Protein: 123 g

    Should I up my protein a bit?
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