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    Post Log - Animal products (test, stak, Pak, Omega, flex)

    I plan to log my entire 2 can cycle of Test/Stak then 1 can cycle of MStak.

    My supple stack:

    I currently take Pak, Omega and flex at the same time mid lunch, if I don't have a decent amount of water in yet and a decent lunch Pak gives me a headache. If ive taken enough water and have a decent sized meal no problem at all.

    What I need to figure out is when to take test/stak. Currently I'm thinking I may try to take Pak Omega and flex in AM and just make sure I keep ontop of my water first thing. Then take test and maybe stak at lunch. Workout when I get off work about 4 hours after lunch. Then take gaba, L-theanine, ZMA ~30 minutes before bed.

    Anyone have any suggestions on if twst/stak should be taken during the same meal or if separating them would help optimize their uptake?

    I will log some measurements and weight tomorrow along with BF% (based off a caliper). My goal as is most is to drop BF, gain lean muscle and end around the same weight or a few lbs less.

    With the gyms closed I have gotten some equipment for home but cannot do the same heavy lifting I typically do. I've been trying to track down a barbell and some weights that aren't at stupid prices but for not the equipment I have is doing the trick.

    I will log daily and post when I can, possibly daily but at least weekly.
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