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    Unhappy Popping injury (?)

    Hey all, I made this account because honestly I don’t know what to do regarding my workout schedule. I’m a 6’4 dude weighing 172 pounds, and I started working out 5 weeks ago due to the quarantine and because I wanted to get stronger and bigger (I’m a stick). I’ve watched so many videos on the proper forms and the “Top 10 MISTAKES in your BENCH PRESS!” videos all the time so that I can avoid injury and get gains. I stretch every night, drink and eat healthily, and sleep 8-9 hours. Despite all of that, I’ve been hearing popping in my back and shoulders while doing reps. If I take in a deep breath, my upper body cracks and lunges give me bad knee pain. All of the excercises I’ve been doing for the past 4-5 weeks are feeling off and something about my shoulders, back, and knees is just throwing me off. I think I have poppy joints because I grew so fast, but I’m not sure.

    It may have been because I started lifting too heavy (20-30 pound dumbbells for most excercises) or I may have not been utilizing proper technique. I’m honestly not sure. I was considering taking a break this week and coming back next week with lighter weights and REALLY trying to use correct technique (even though I thought I already was ) Have any of you ever had similar problems? I would love advice because I’d love to get back into the workout room ASAP but I don’t want to injure myself.

    Also, I’m not 50 like my account says I’m 17 so the popping isn’t because I’m old
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