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    I've set a goal to lose weight starting last April-May. I did not do this by following a diet or a plan, just tried limiting what I ate and watch what I ate. I've been doing sport activities at the beginning of the journey but none lately. I've started at 104 kgs I'm now at 85-86 which feels good. I'm a bit worried now as I don't have much appetite, and can not really eat much at all, I feel full very soon after I start eating, even though some days I'm not eating much at all. I do not know if my body just got used to this and now refuses more food ( by that I mean what a regular amount of food would be, not exaggerating ) , but I have lost joy in most of the things that I used to like. This doesn't really feel very healthy ( sometimes I don't have much energy ,I feel kind of weak and dizzy, - but it's not the case most of the time - maybe it's because I'm not eating much , but however I'm glad I could lose those kgs. What do you think ? Is this normal or should I be worried ?
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