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    New Here - Deck of Cards w/ Dumbbells

    I'm totally new to lifting, and since Covid 19 has a lot of us on lockdown, I am limited to working out at home with dumbbells only. In the past I have enjoyed "Deck of Pain" workouts, with body weight movements and recently a friend of mine who is trainer said I will plateau quickly if I am only using body weight.

    I started doing the same routine with dumbbell exercises at a low weight...assign an exercise to each suit, flip 4 cards at a time and do how ever many reps are associated with the numbers you get, that's your super set. At the end it's about 108 reps a piece. An example workout would be Front Squats, Lateral Raises, Bent Over Row, and Hammer Curls followed by 30 minutes of running. I mix up the dumbbell workouts everyday so I'm hitting different body parts, and I keep the big 5 workouts separate so they have their own day, example Monday is Squats, Tuesday Bench Press, Wednesday Deadlift etc....

    Since I am literally making this up as I go along, I wanted to ask if I am spinning my wheels doing this routine. My goal isn't to get body builder big, I just want to look fit. I have read that doing 100's is a good way to engage your slow twitch and fast twitch fibers in the same routine, if anyone has experience and info on this that would be great.

    - Are there specific workouts I should be doing together?
    - Should some days be all legs / upper body vs. everyday being full body?
    - Any suggestions for how to mix it up?

    Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!
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