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    Advice for Getting Back Into Olympic Lifting

    Hey everyone. Looking for some advice as I try to get back into Olympic Lifting. I'm not planning on competing or doing this for any other reason other than the fact that I enjoy the Olympic Lifts and I don't get bored doing the workouts like I do with traditional workouts/splits.

    Back in my high school/College Football days, Olympic Lifts were a big part of my routine - although I never have done exclusively Olympic Lifting programs. I would usually do Hang Cleans/Snatches, and occasionally do the full lifts. I used to have access to an NSPA Certified Coach, but I no longer have contact with him to bounce ideas off of.

    At this point, I'm 32 years old, and I've been inconsistent at best with my workout routines. I've got two young boys and a career that generally prevents me from spending a lot of time working out. With that being said, over the years I've lost a lot of he core strength, as well as the flexibility/mobility I used to have all those years ago during my football days.

    I've dug out my old routine that I was given by the NSPA Coach, and I've quickly found out that I lack the strength and mobility to do the lifts correctly. I've already tweaked my shoulder a bit due to this.

    So my question is, what are some routines/pointers for someone getting back into the lifts.

    A little bit of relevant background - After my football career was over, I've struggled with keeping my weight at an acceptable (for me) level. I turned my focus to distance running, as I always had a goal of completing a marathon (which I did). Because of that, my lifting primarily focused on upper body, and I pretty much completely neglected lower body due to all the running I was doing.

    I've never been one to follow any sort of stretching routine, and that coupled with the basic splits, I've found that my hips/shoulders/overall thoracic mobility is severely lacking. Surprisingly, I still have a pretty decent strength in my lower body given the years that I've neglected squats/deads etc.

    So what my thoughts are at this point, is to focus not so much on the full Oly Lifts themselves, and for now break them up into their components and do higher reps really focusing on depth in the front/overhead squat positions, making sure I can maintain the bar in line with my ankles on the snatch. In other words, doing sets of 6-10 of deads, clean/snatch pulls, hang cleans/snatches, clean/snatch grip presses, front/back and overhead squat.

    My main obstacles at this point, as I stated above, is with the overhead squat portion of the snatch. I just don't have the hip flexibility or mobility, or the core strength to keep from rocking forward. I continue to roll onto the balls of my feet while performing the overhead squat, even with light weight. I don't have this problem with the front squat or back squats.

    So in short, I'm hoping some of you can either give me some pointers, or point me in the direction of some good routines to help build up those areas so that I can do the lifts correctly, and also a decent stretching routine. I can't move as well at 32 as I did when I was 20.

    I work out at my house, and don't have a whole lot of equipment but I have the basics - Olympic Bar, set of bumpers and a set of standard iron plates, half rack, dumbbells, stretching bands, etc.

    Sorry for the long post, but any advice you can share is greatly appreciated!
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