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Thread: Forearm pain

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    Question Forearm pain


    So i have a guestion of my problems with my forearms, if someone happens to know what is going on or has some experience about something like this.

    I had about 6month break from training because of army, and after that i got back to training. I had trained around 1-2months before i started to get hatepain to my forearms if i did something littlebit heavier with my arms. After 3-4 months of that i started to have hate pain on forearms pretty much 24/7 and i kept about 2week break that helped littlebit.

    After that i got back to training and didnt care about my forearms for about 6months before doing pretty much anything with them got hard.(Yeah i know that that was stubid.)
    After that i went to doctor and they said that i had probably some infection going on my forearms and told me to take break from the training.

    After around 3-4month of break i got rid of that 24/7 hatepain but had still pain if i did something a bit heavier. After that i kept another 3month break and tried training again now 1time/week. I still got the hate pain if i went to a bit heavier weights.

    So after that i have been lifting weights about once every week or two, its now around 9-10months after i got rid of heavy training and i should have got rid of that infection, but i still have that forearm pain mostly if i do something with them bit longer or something a bit heavier and sometimes without any reason.

    Does anyone know what could cause this. Im going to physiotherapy soon if i could get help from there.

    It would be nice to get back to training...
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