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    thoughts on my chest & back day?

    thoughts on my back & chest workout? a lot of volume i know. i’ve been working out for a couple years now & for me i can recover a lot quicker & get way more results with more. have made crazy gains from this.

    warm up with pull-ups, lat pull downs. get blood following.

    * 4x 12x10x8x6
    * bent over rows

    * 4 x 12x10x8x8 (cut weight in half, go to failure final set)
    * T-Bar rows

    * 4x12,10,8,8
    * dumbell rows

    * 4x 12-15
    * close grip v bar pull downs

    * 4x failure
    * lat exercise


    * flat bench
    * 5x12,10,8,6,4

    * incline dumbell press
    * 4x 12,10,8,8

    * smith machines incline
    * 4x12,12,10,10

    * dumbell flies ss close grip pushups
    * 4x12,12,10,8

    * dips ss cable cross overs
    * 4 sets of dips to failure
    * cables flies (alternating between low & high) 4x10-15
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