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    11 Weeks Out (First Show)

    11 WEEKS OUT

    I'm going to be making some youtube video, but considering the fact that this was the website (and forum) that got me hooked on the sport of bodybuilding, I figured that I would post in here as well.

    I'm 11 weeks out from my first show, it is going to be a Natural Show, and I'm entering the Classic Physique Novice and Open Divisions. For me, I'm not doing this for the prestige of the show (it is actually a quite modest show, tbh), but I'm doing this for the experience of dieting/cutting fat, and seeing what it is like to pose on stage.

    When I began 3 weeks ago, I weighed in at 191lbs and I'm now down to 183.2lbs (I've lost 7.8lbs). My goal is to get down to 170lbs and make some much-needed improvements to my lats and legs.

    Now with the Corona Virus, I'm only going to be able to do Kettle Bell Exercises, Pull-ups, Body Weight Exercises and Cardio for the next 2-4 weeks (depending on when they contain this). My goal is going to be to ramp up the intensity on the workouts and goto failure as much as possible.

    My current diet (mainly) consists of Egg Whites, Chicken, Tuna, Protein Powder, Berries, and lots of water (with the occasional diet soda). I'm hitting 225g of Protein, 200 carbs, 60g of fat per day, spread across 5 meals.

    Below are a couple of progress pictures from this morning. If you have any feedback, questions, or advice... that would be much appreciated. I will be posting onto this thread every Sunday
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