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    Clicking Shoulder / Teres Minor / Triceps

    Dear All

    I had this problem for a long time and I studied shoulder / upper back anatomy for almost 2 years, tried basically everything you can find on the internet.
    Not to drag this story too long I have uneven shoulder as I have an imbalance on the right side (dominant ) which is obviously stronger and always tight, but it's also a more stable side. On the left side, my shoulder was always kinda loose and the whole structure has weaker contractions because it is much more stretched than the right side. Meaning I don't have to strain at all to contract the right side .....

    On the left shoulder keep clicking when doing lateral movements and I always was sure it's gonna pop out, everything on the left side is smaller (nothing out of the park) but smaller not really weaker (strength is almost the same) it's just harder to contract.

    To get to the point I always had this impingement feeling and clicking in this left shoulder which happened as I mentioned when I do lateral raises and even when I flex my biceps, it's like something skips.
    Only recently doing tennis ball deep tissue massage when I pressed on my teres minor, this muscle hurts like hell and it made sense because every time I did triceps in any variation I couldn't do it after a few reps but not because of triceps was giving out but all of the sudden I couldn't get my arm back because of the "feeling behind my armpit". It's like my teres minor gives up. Its really hurting my bench press progress and squat with high weight pressing on that shoulder with arms in external rotation is almost undoable.

    Funny thing is I can pull deadlift high weights with almost no issue.

    Does anyone have any solution to this problem, like really specific because I've tried PT, went to a couple of doctors they just told me I was hypermobile?
    Thing is I don't want to do endless hangs from the bar, internal/external mobility drills, stabilizations of the shoulder, mobility work (been doing it on and off for 2 weeks at most, now stuck to it almost a month for the first time ) for nothing because I haven't seen much of improvement if any...

    Has anyone had a similar problem and had a solution for this?
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