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    Started bulk, losing fat.


    So i've been injured since october and i got back in the jump first week of february, after 3 months of physical therapy. I completely restructured my diet. I went from eating a poor diet where i basically ate bad charbs for breakfast and bad easy solutions for my mid-day meal and then i just ate alot of whatever was made at my place for dinner. I lost 4 kg the first 2 monthsi was injured and i gained it all again the last 2 months. From the looks it was only fat, and clearly around my belly.

    I'm not a big guy and i obviously lost muscle in the period.

    Current weight: 145 lbs
    Height: 5 foot 8.5 inch.

    My current macros and meals
    - 4 eggs, 4 slices of thin cut bacon, 1 cup of whole grain oats.
    Meal 2:
    - 200g Chicken, 60g(1cup) rice or bulgur and 150-200g broccoli/vegetables
    - Whatever is on the menu at my flat. Mostly meat/potatoes/pasta/vegetables (i try to keep it fairly clean)
    - raisins, peanutes/almonds, 1-2 protein shakes, small weight gain shake(mostly for carbs)

    Current macros
    Carbs: 40% = 260-270g
    Fats: 30% = 85-90g
    Protein 30% = 190-200g
    Kcal 2600-2700
    Need approx 2000kcal (1550 absolute minimum)

    lift weights 6 times a weight (i'm a student, mostly sedentary work. Not alot of cardio)
    I also have a quite high motabolism.

    Now my problem is that for the past three weeks i've been losing weight, and most notably my fat around my belly. This is ofcource not something i am complaining about, but i would just like to know why it is happening and what causes it might be.
    I don't want to bump my kcal up to much because i want it to be a lean bulk.

    Hope someone knows abit more about the body and metabolism and bulking in generel than me.

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