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    Name's Shade

    Well I am 30. I primarily play basketball it is my fav sport. I am also a nerd.
    I'm 6'1" and my weight loss cap is 210lbs. My heavy is 230lbs.

    As of now I can do a full squat at 340lbs. My bench press is 245lbs. I want to get my bench up to 315lbs.

    Muscle isn't my problem. My problem is the excess fat. And my diet now is declining for the worse. I want to know how to shop healthy with a low budget.
    I did this somewhat years ago when I lost 40lbs in one month. All I ate really was tuna and spinach.
    What are some good low budget diets to get into?

    I'm trying to get back to 190 at least. And I want to be able to dunk again. I ripped my patellar tendon a few yrs ago and my leaping never been the same. But I know if I shed the weight maybe I can get more inches back on my vertical.

    Thanks for any help I'm looking forward to this community.
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