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    Should I Even consider entering?

    Hi everyone,
    Hoping someone can help. I got bitten by the fitness bug again after getting back in shape after having my daughter. I’m really tempted to enter a bikini competition next year, lots of reasons why but mostly as a challenge to myself. The only thing that is really holding me back is that after 2 children delivered by c section I have some loose skin on my stomach. Don’t get me wrong at 37 I don’t expect to be winning anything I just don’t want to get up on the stage and look like an idiot. I’m currently around 123 pounds 5ft 1 and fairly lean. My question is I guess in you opinion after dropping to competition weight and building more muscle do you think I would be okay up on stage or should I just be realistic and look for another challenge (pictures attached)

    Thank you 🙏
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