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    Returning to exercise after long illness and accident.

    Dear All, I am looking to connect with others who have returned to exercise and weightlifting after illness of injury. Lucky me, I had both. I wish to return to exercise in whatever capacity I can while healing continues. I would love to read stories and advice from those who have experienced this.

    Thank you
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    Working out safely after an injury under the advice of a doctor or better yet physiotherapist is amazing. It can really blow an injury out of the water. I couldn't bend certain ways and my sternum would pop in and out. It really didn't take much to get better once I did start lifting weights lightly. If I hadn't it would of taken months and months. You may have to reinvent yourself if you're an athlete but a lot actually amaze their doctors and such. Now if you were squatting 600lbs or something and tore a whole muscle off your bones thenn you're taking a huge risk of it happening again.

    Use compression clothing, wraps and orthotics.
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