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    Pec Major/Shoulder (And other issues)

    Hi Everyone

    Before i go into the issue, i think its best if i start from the beginning.

    I am 21 years and have worked out (with the somewhat correct diet) for 2 years. I have always been quite chubby (or fat, if you will :/), so last year i decided enough was enough. I went on a diet and lost 44 pounds while working out also, but my method was horrible. I practically starved myself for 6 months, always worrying about my daily caloric intake, seeing as how i never found out how to track my macros (ill get into this later). So, i was pretty much skin and bones with no muscle, and im 6,3 ft. tall. I ended up weighing 185 pounds, which i was pretty happy about at the time. But then i wanted to bulk up and get some muscle definition, which i ended up succeding in by gaining 30 pounds in 6-7 months.
    So here comes the problem. As i gained muscle, i started noticing some slight (according to certain people) differences on my body, especially on my chest, shoulders and back. On one side, upper chest appears to be more flat than the other. One of my shoulders appears to be more rounded than the other. One side of my back is bigger than the other. I have tried focusing more on my "smaller" side for about 3 weeks, but maybe it needs more time?

    I was hoping someone could give me some advice on what i can do to fix these issues. These problems have been on my mind alot recently, and i would really like to fix them!

    Attached are some pics of how i look currently.

    PS: Ive been trying to cut recently too for 1 month and 1 week and lost 2 pounds (go me lol), but i would like some advice on that as well if possible, especially some info on macros, since ive never tracked them before.

    Thanks alot in advance!
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