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    Post Advice on going to gym again and current weight

    First of all, hi. I recently turned 18 and I've been wanting to start going to the gym again because I dropped it around 2 years ago despite having progress. The main drive for this is that I feel determined to improve my well-being and overall be much healthier and energetic. I'm 181cm (close to 5"11) and 84 kg (185lbs) and I've calculated an estimate of my daily calorie intake to maintain weight is 2,585cal and to lose weight 1,850-2,085cal.

    My main question is what do you recommend on eating to have all the necessary daily macros and what to absolutely avoid in general? I just got MyFitnessPal and a nutrient app to monitor the foods I choose.
    Adding to that, what do you think would be the best workout program for me? I used to use my own made exercising programs, where one day I'd do biceps + shoulders and end off with abs exercises, and the other day would be triceps + chest along with some abs exercises at the end. I realize I need to have a balanced workout program(with leg exercises too unlike last time..).

    Any advice would be immensely appreciated, and I wish you all quick progress on reaching your workout goals
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