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    I need to Lose 270 lbs - Keto and ADF

    Need some insight from those have been on or are on the journey I started about 3 weeks ago.

    First I understand its going to take time - my goal is to do this as fast as is possible and safe - I dont want to slow my metabolism if possible.

    I was on keto before and did well - I did learn alot of things like I am severely insulin resistant and need to fast to really get into ketosis

    I use a meter to measure ketones and blood sugar a couple of times a week.

    I plan on not weighing my self except one time a month. Will use things such as clothes fitting and body measurements to determine everyday progress.

    According to the calculator my current maintenance calories are right around 3500 per day.

    I am currently doing Strength training apx 3 to 5 days per week for 1 hour.

    Current eating time table (alternate day fasting):

    Monday, Wednesday Friday water only fast.

    Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - break fast at 3 pm and stop food intake at 7 pm

    Sunday - eat only Keto foods and stay within macros but allow myself to eat 3 meals if I want as it is family time.


    Currently only taking Potassium, Sodium, Iodine and apple cider vinegar daily

    Current Macro Nutritional Averages:

    6% Carbs
    58% Fat
    36% Protein


    Am I getting enough Calories - on the days I eat between 3 and 7 I find it challenging to get 2200 to 2800 calories in. Just get too full. As I am only eating every other day is this too low and will it hurt my metabolism?

    Are my fat and Protein Macros ok given I want my body to use my stores rather than dietary fat.

    Where I am:

    Feeling great

    Good energy

    Not overwhelm by hunger doing alternate day fasting (dont feel like I want or need to stop)

    Inflammation way down through out body.

    Any suggestions to improve what I am doing with my goal in mind - my goal is to do this as fast as is possible and safe - I dont want to slow my metabolism if possible
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