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    Question Can I make varsity football?

    So, I'm a junior in high school. I have never played football before, but I want to next year. There are 2250 kids at the high school I will be attending, and there are 54 kids on the varsity team (at least this past 2019 season), almost all them juniors or seniors. I'd guess probably just over half of them are over 6 feet tall, and I'm only 5'8". However, I want to be a running back, since I'd be most adept at that position, and running backs get to score lots of touchdowns. There are 8 running backs on the varsity team, and all but one are under 6 feet tall. However, they're all heavier than me (I'm 150 pounds). I am quite athletic (kind of fast, good endurance, very quick/agile and good at juking. I can also catch any ball quite well; I can't really throw a football well, but running backs don't need to). What I need to work on is becoming a faster sprinter than I already am, and working out. I did not have weight training last semester in school, but I do this semester. I have only had one day so far, where I worked out with my friend. He loves to work his arms, so we did well over 100 curls each, with varying weights, and for the next two days my arms were in intense pain and I couldn't extend them fully. However, my muscles did become visibly larger just from that one workout, so I'm encouraged (I definitely don't want to experience that ****ty sore after-effect again, though). About my height, I definitely think I have some more growing in me, since first of all, my dad is 6'2" and my mom is 5'3", so I should end up being taller than 5'8"; also, I develop slowly (still have never shaved), so I don't think I'm done growing. Outside of athletic ability, I also need to learn all the different rules of the game, how to block, and also all the different plays and how to read them. So...

    1. Do you guys think it is possible that I can become one of the starting running backs on the varsity football team next year?

    2. If so, what advice would you give?
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    Nope - no chance at all

    Things to do
    1) search this forum - this topic has been discussed ad nauseam.
    2) Get on a proper strength training program (hint: curls aren't part of it) for football. Your school should offer one
    3) run track this spring
    4) you will need to attend camps and stuff this summer

    The last year that you can realistically join a football team and expect to see minutes is prior to 10th grade. Any later and there is not enough time to train you to hit, be hit, and participate safely at the varsity level, never mind a discussion about skills.

    You don't get to decide what position you'll play - that will be determined by the coach.
    You don't get to decide what level (Varsity, JV, etc) you'll play - that will be determined by the coach.
    You don't get to decide playing time - that will be determined by the coach.

    In summary, you've never played the game, you don't know how to block, you don't know how to play any position, you don't know how to tackle, you don't know how to hit, you don't know how to be hit, you have no skills, you know nothing about playing running back, you can't run a route, you can't take a pitch, you don't know the rules, you don't know your reads, you don't know how to analyze film, you don't know the plays, you don't know the schemes'. Now with all of this you expect to be the starting running back, be a star, and bask in the adulation of your schoolmates. You seem to forget that there is a defensive line that wants to tear you apart and weighs 250lb's or more, backed up by linebackers who are big, fast, and know how to viciously hit you, and if they don't the safeties will. Some of these guys you'll be playing against are going to be all conference, all state, and will play in college. They've been playing for years and will apply all of their skills plus a little bit of craziness to separate you from the ball and leave you on the field in a pile of whimpering jelly. You don't know what pain is. You don't know how to recover from games, let alone practice. You are not developed physically (you should have been lifting since 8th grade). The positions that get hit the most are running back, offensive line, defensive line, linebackers, safeties. Playing these positions you will eventually have an injury, you will also often play in pain, your body will find it hard to recover from in practice. This sport is no joke, quit treating it as one.

    There is no coach in the world who is going to put you in at running back unless you are prepared for what's going to happen to you, and you don't really have enough time to prepare.
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