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    Trying to Understand

    Hey everyone. I have been using the BodySpace App for ~4 years now. It's super buggy and doesn't seem to have anyone developing it anymore, but it gets the job done. Unfortunately there is nothing else like it.

    I see the newly launched BodyFit. I understand that it's the re-branded All Access app with some other features. What I'm really not understanding is what I get with the BodyFit App that I'm not getting with the BodySpace app.

    With the BodySpace app I have access to the free programs that are created. Based on the BodyFit website, would I only get access to programs if I went with Elite or just the premium programs? Is the fitness tracking app only tracking things like weight, or is it tracking the same items that are on a Fitbit or Apple Watch?

    I have my diet and supplements and regimen locked in. I already know what my goals are and there are no plans to gain or lose a bunch of weight.

    If I'm someone that simply likes having an app with a number of exercises and a number of exercise programs, should I stick with the BodySpace app or is there real benefit from having the BodyFit app?
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