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    -Very- Long Thread About Weight

    I made an account here ages ago to post something... and I've got to say... what even is this username/picture?? :|
    Anyways, to the point.

    After some looking around I decided this section is where this post fit the best, as it's just kind of a long-winded 'I don't know what to do' post.

    For starters, a warning: This post is probably going to be pretty dang long. Apologies in advance for that.

    So the gist of my problems is that I'm 6'2", and weigh 127 lbs.
    Obviously not an ideal weight.
    While I do want to gain weight, I'd still like to be fairly thin overall. Just not *this* thin.
    My ideal weight would probably be something right around 160 lbs.

    Realistically, my problems need attention from doctors rather than strangers on the internet, but I don't have the money for that and my insurance covers next to nothing.
    So to clarify, I'm not looking for any sort of medical diagnoses. Just looking to post a few of the issues I'm having, and see if anyone here has had similar ones, or any advice on how to sort of nullify them.
    The biggest issue by far is my diet, I'd say.
    For most of my meals (excluding breakfast, which I don't eat) I eat pasta, just with butter and usually some canned chicken.
    I'd say a good 80% of my meals are pasta, and the other 20% could be taco salad, pizza, or whatever.
    Aside from that, I eat a *lot* of chips. I can go through entire family size bags in a day, easily.
    Though I eat mainly pasta, I eat pretty big portions of it. I'd say half a box would make a single meal, and I usually go back for the rest about an hour later.

    If you think of the pickiest eater you know, amplify them by a factor of 20... then you've got me.
    I don't like any vegetables at all, the only fruit I like I'm allergic to, I don't like any sort of sauce, and I can't stand the texture of 85% of things out there.
    It's quicker to list what I do like, than what I don't:
    I like pasta of course (not whole grain, though), most meats, some chips, white bread, a few dairy products, eggs, and... that's about it.
    Anything falling out of that purview, I don't like at all.

    It's not a simple 'man up and learn to like other foods' thing, either.
    I've tried that plenty of times before, all of which ended with me vomiting all over the place.
    It's undiagnosed, but I'm fairly certain I have a pretty severe case of ARFID (Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder).

    There's ways I could probably fudge a semi-decent diet out of the foods I like...
    Barilla has noodles that are made out of vegetables that taste good, I can drink V8, that sort of thing. I like most meats, I like eggs... so I can get protein.
    Only problem is I can't really afford that sort of diet. Right now, I really can't afford my 'pasta only' diet, even.
    So now that we're past the diet, here's the next part: exercise.
    With my diet, exercise is probably just an effort in futility, if not downright harmful, which is why I've stopped doing it.

    I don't have a gym membership, or the money to acquire one. I do have a few 20-lb dumbbells at my house, though that's it.

    The biggest problem with working out is this: I always get violently sick afterwards.
    I can work out for about 20 minutes before I start to get crippling stomach pains, and have to stop.
    ...Though realistically, even without that, I couldn't make it much past 20 minutes anyways, before my muscles started giving out. :V

    Even so, there have been periods of time where I've tried working out. My schedule looked something like this:

    I'd alternate every other day between upper/lower body workouts, taking breaks from exercising on the weekends.

    Upper body workouts:
    (had to google the names of these...)

    Pushups - x20, 2 sets
    Bicep Curls - x10, 1 set
    Kneeling One Arm Row - x20, 1 set
    Lying Fly - x10, 1 set
    Dumbbell bench press - x20, 1 set
    Wrist Curl - x20, 1 set
    Lateral Raise - x5, 1 set

    By this point my arms would be giving out, and I couldn't do much else.

    Lower body workouts:

    Google didn't help much with finding the names of these, but it was always a variation of different squats and leg lifts.
    I usually did 1 set of 20 for each of them, and like with upper body, could only make it about 20 minutes before I couldn't continue.
    Well, there's diet and exercise out of the way. I'm not exactly sure what the point of this post was, I doubt anyone online would be able to help with any of that. I probably need a nutritionist and physical therapist, at the very least.
    I figured it couldn't hurt though... at the very least, I can get confirmation that I do indeed need some sort of outside help like that.
    Heck, maybe it's just me venting about being this skinny for so long... I've not gained a pound since I was 13. I've gotten taller, but weigh the exact same thing as I did 7 years ago. It's not fun, being this skinny. >.>
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    I looked up this site based on the info you gave us, at NEDA

    They have a toll-free helpline you can get information from. Please do not try to self-diagnose though. Your parents should look into this with you. I wish you lots of good luck!
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    My best friend is gaining weight now. Protein dominates the diet. Cottage cheese, eggs, meat (but not fatty), legumes, kefir and other dairy products. Carbohydrates are also needed. but only 15% of the daily diet. Vitamins are a must. Preferably "for sports." And of course, go to the gym. at least 3 times a week. If possible, also a pool 1-2 times. Good luck!
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