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Thread: OHP Help

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    OHP Help

    Hello, I have been struggling with my overhead press for a while and I don't understand why I still can't progress any higher on it. I struggle to progress up the weights as I will always start off being able to do 10 reps, then it drops to 7, then 4/5 then sturggling to do a few. I know this is an endurance issue but I was wondering if I can do anything technical to help me, as my bench rep max is 110 I thought my OHP would be alot higher than 40kg for 8 reps at a push. The video is of 30kg towards the end off my sets.

    I train on a P/P/L/U/L split so my shoulders are hit twice a week. I just cant seem to increase the weight. I struggle with push movements a lot more than pull. LPnRPq0HYNw?t=17
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    I think your problem here is that you are hitting your 10rep max on your first set, not allowing you to have sufficient energy for the next set.

    FIX: In your next workout, you should find what your 8rep MAX is, meaning you cannot possible to another rep with that weight. Once you have found this you should use that same weight and do 3 sets of 5 reps with it. This way you will have conserved energy. Then, the following week you should increase the weight by 2.5 kg and try do 3x5 sets again.

    -now that I am re reading your post, I think your 8 rep max is 40kg. If this is the case then in the next workout you should do 3 sets of 5 reps with 40kg, then in the following week you would do 42.5 3x5 then 45 3x5 and so on.

    Hope this helps!!!
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