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    I’m looking for a mentor

    Basic info about myself: height 5’11 weight 400 body fat: don’t know yet.

    So here’s my story,

    Growing up I was homeless a lot and had anger issues bad. I wanted to find a healthy way to vent my anger and my uncle who went down a similar road suggested boxing to my parents mom didn’t like it dad supported it . When mom found out I was getting hit sparring she wanted me to quit, I kept boxing and eventually got into jiu jitsu and competed at heavyweight and got 2nd at a regional tournament. Stopped fighting a friend recommended lifting so I started that instead. Competed at my first powerlifting event 2 years ago placed 4th but it was a small tournament in my division anyways.

    Couple months later got a serious injury that needed surgery was 320lbs and sat out for 8months and am here at 400 now.

    My Mom passed away last night. When she was on her death-bed I made a promise to her that I’m gonna try my hardest to be the best person I can be. Hours later I remembered when I powerlifted in that tournament, how she was so proud and posted the videos and shared them with all her friends on fb. It brought great joy to my Mom that I found something I loved. Unfortunately because of the injury the dr’s said they don’t want me powerlifting ever again.

    I just want to become the best version of myself in all ways possible physical, mentally, the way I treat people etc. I want to become a better man through bodybuilding and make my Mom proud and get healthier as well. I’m 28 so My goals are realistic I think, I just want to compete be it amateur or pro maybe not pro but I’m hopeful anyways.

    What I’m looking for: I personally don’t know much about the training programs,techniques, diets, the things I need to know to compete etc... so I’m looking for someone who has competed and can bring me under their wing, We can talk through Skype or FaceTime or whatever and yes I will pay money, I’m not rich but I think I can make it worthwhile for you to meet with me once a week and help me out. If you are interested write me a little about yourself and your training and competition history and we can talk about how much per session or a monthly price. If anyone reads this thank you very much! I don’t know much about this sport but i got serious heart.
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    also looking for experienced bodybuilder

    The same question.
    I am not bodybuilder, but run few health related blogs online.
    I get constant questions from visitors related to bodybuilding and would like to have someone to address them. These questions are not to be answered immediately, but if you find time once during 2 days that's fine.
    Ready to pay hourly.
    PM me if there is anyone interested.
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