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    Post After months of lurking.. It's official

    I finally put together the 0.004 Calories required to make an account on here. Not saying I'm lazy. Just on a bulk. You've probably been there...

    Anyways, I'll try not to take my sweet ass time on a casual introduction to a forum that brought you arguments like this one (No offense): /showthread.php?t=107926751 (If you haven't seen this before, the fun part starts around the sixth post)

    Having said that, here's a quick overview of what I'm about.

    5' 9 manlet, 165.4lbs, ~12% BFP, decent genetics (ish), mildly detrained, on a new routine (as of ~December 10), clean bulking (~300 Cal surplus), good nutrition (used to be pretty shet).

    Current photos available in my bodyspace


    I started lifting about 8 years ago and was quick to put on small amounts of mass at a time. This was heavily offset due to the fact that I was very physically active and my general nutrition was very subpar. The quantity of food I was eating was barely enough to keep my weight where it was, and I ate (and often binged) upwards of 30% of my daily calories in junk food (The only good quality food I actually ate was home cooked meals).

    Having said that, I was always capable of high performance in general athletics and was always very powerful (one of the faster, stronger and more coordinated individuals in school). This was in part due to martial arts classes I took, but much my ability was natural. I was also lucky enough to be able to maintain great levels of endurance. At this point, I sat at about 145-150 body weight.

    Once I got into post-secondary, I started to train slightly more seriously and my general physical activity slightly decreased as I was not as involved in sports. This helped me put up a couple more pounds over the course of 4 years, getting me up to about 170lb body weight. Unfortunately, my routines were terrible (not even worth mentioning) and the only reason I put on weight was because I would down a high calorie shake every morning for a couple of months. BFP was still about 12%, but gains in strength were nowhere near what I could've achieved. I was also very on and off with programming.

    Fast forward to about 2 years ago, I was introduced to StrongLifts 5x5 and decided to give it a chance. It felt like I had finally found a routine worth doing. My weight had gone up from 170 to 180 (slightly higher BFP) over the course of 4 months, and even with a slight amount of inconsistency, my strength went up. My lifts before and after stronglifts looked like this:

    Lift - Before -> After

    Squat - 185lb (5X5) -> 305lb (3X5)
    DBP (Both Dumbbells) - 140lb (5X5) -> 170lb (3X5)
    DL - 190lb (1X5) -> 315lb (1X5)

    As you can see, with a solid routine I finally managed to get the numbers up... Unfortunately around this time.. Let's just say I let life get too much in the way and I got lazy.


    Another 2 years of slightly ok programming and no regard to nutrition brought me up to about one month ago. I had finally decided to fix this **** up. My numbers from before inspired me and convinced me I can set some serious goals. So.. I

    took a start day measurement. 164.4 lb
    took a few photos for reference
    started a new routine that offers a blend of 90% powerbuilding and 10% plyometric movements
    measured out the day to day calories required for a surplus
    turned my metaphorical hat backwards
    took my ass to the gym (then the kitchen)


    Shoot for the stars so if you fall you'll land on a cloud is my attitude here. I'm going for a gain of ~2.5lb / month on a progressive overload routine (current lifts in sig). This will be a constant goal up until 3 months from now at which point I'll do a re-evaluation. Hopefully > 70 % of the weight gain will be muscle.

    Thanks for taking time to read or tl;dr. I'm really set on achieving great things this year and this community will make the trip a hell of a lot better
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