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    Question Questions from an AX-1 user using r/bodyweightfitness for the time being

    Questions from an user

    I’m someone who recently hurt their lower back(not the first time...not even close) and is still looking for a way to workout so I can prevent atrophy. I was doing a program off of (AX-1) but it’s slightly too intense to continue to follow with my back problems, so I’m planning on restarting the program once my physical therapist tells me it’s ok to do so. I decided that r/bodyweightfitness would be the best way to continue hypertrophy and grow my strength as I have bodyweight experience in the past and with me being 5’7, 17 y/o and ~140 lbs, it probably just comes easier to me than most.

    I can’t accept not working out at all until my back is fixed. Unfortunately, I have a whole plethora of other problems as a result of my back problems (which started because I worked at Discount Tire for 2 years - worst first job ever) such as seriously uneven trap size and shoulder height, really bad Anterior Pelvic Tilt, rounded shoulders, etc. but I am really afraid of losing my muscle or strength while I fix these problems first. I did the recommended routine for the first time today (I actually did the old version: 3x8 pseudo planche/diamond pushups superset with 3x8 inverted table rows; 3x8 tucked L-sits superset with 3x8 step ups - can’t do barbell squats because of my back; and 3x8 pull-ups superset with 3x8 dips between two chairs) and I was pretty capable of doing every exercise on either the second to last or last progression level, but overall the point of this is to ask a couple questions:
    1) is it fine that I’m doing this even with a couple of imbalances and back pain?
    2) I’m looking to buy Olympic Rings, but I don’t really have anywhere to hang them up outside. I have an over the door portable pull up bar...that’s really the only thing I can think of.
    3) The pushups came ridiculously easy to me. I tried both pseudo planche and diamond pushups at 3x8 as the progression recommends, but both were really easy to me. I can’t do a planche for the life of me...what can I do to make this harder? I want to get the most out of this as possible before I return to AX-1
    4) Is there a reason that my forearms and wrists feel it far more than anything else during tucked L-sits and the pushups? My form is correct to my knowledge and through watching videos, but I still feel these exercises in those areas much more than their primary muscles that they target.

    Thank you
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