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    Recovery path to success with lifting

    A little about myself, I’m 31 I haven’t ever started lifting until about 5-6 years ago I got into some trouble and behind the wall I started doing some workouts. Gradually it improved and I really enjoyed it. Then release came and life hit me again and I didn’t stick with it. Again due to my poor choices and addiction issues I landed in trouble and became more involved with working out and studying nutrition and excercise plans and all I could. I got out and began to stay pretty active in the gym. Seeing great progress and thoroughly enjoying myself, then a rut and I became demotivated and stopped for a few months with work crazy and life happening and a lack of motivation. But I am starting again my journey because of the satisfaction the gym brings and the overall wellness it creates in my life. I plan on doing my best to be accountable somewhat by recording my starting measurements the best I can , my weight and my eating and any other detail I can on here and maybe someone reads it with a similar story and it interests or inspires, maybe not. Either way this is going to help me on my journey and from here on out with this forum I hope information continues to pour in to keep me trying different new things and my interest high. I am 6’ 209lbs currently. Have a little around the midsection but nothing too much and am in decent shape but constant gym and better diet I’m excited for what will become. I am starting tom again with a 4-5 day split of chest and triceps. Legs and abs, back and biceps, shoulders and traps and abs. Off days will consist of active recovery, maybe some walking, or something low Impact and minimal effect on my recovering as I’m going for strength and size here. Which I’m at a disadvantage because of my long limbs. But with more effort I can achieve where I want to be. I am signed up for a obstacle course race in September also. Which I’ve never done but was asked by a few friends. Basically my diet during the work week is the same except dinner. I eat oatmeal with p.b around 7 a shake and banana around 10 and a buffalo chicken sandwich with maybe chips and a oats and honey granola bar, another shake at 430 when I’m off. And dinner is a wildcard as I haven’t been prepping as of yet. Usually go for high protein and carbs. I’ll be tightening up on my diet and adding as I’m sure I need more calories for my goals but it’s all part of the process I’m about to really seriously begin. Well wishes and thanks for anyone’s for any input and advice or any response at all.
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