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    Another weird pec picture for your viewing pleasure... TIA for advice.

    Hey all!

    So I've been working out pretty regularly for the past two years, with small breaks due to life stuff. I haven't been going too hard for big mass gains, but moreso for general fitness and looking and feeling better. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I work on it, my right pec is always smaller... Even though I do extra reps (bench, incline bench, pushups, single arm flys, etc) on that side to help. It does help, but I can never get it to the same level as the left side. After all this time and perusing forums and such, I'm starting to think maybe I have a deformity and there's no way to change it. Just a bit discouraged since I'm sure we all agree that symmetry is much nicer. Or maybe I'm blowing it out of proportion and I'm being my worst critic. Anyway, I appreciate any advice y'all might have! (Unfortunately I'm a noob here, so they won't let me post pics, but you can see the picture in my BodySpace gallery. Sorry for the hassle.)
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