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    Getting nutrition back on track after Illness

    Hi, I’m 17 years old, weigh(ed) around 93kg, train(ed) consistently 3-5 times a week and ate around 4500 calories a day (I just happen to have a crazy high metabolism)

    I got the actual flu about a week ago, not just a petty illness and haven’t been able to stomach anything. I’m not talking about ah I only ate a couple meals a day like since last week I’ve had 3 tins of tomato soup and about 10 oranges. It was bad.

    Ofcourse I’ve taken this time and rested all day every day and drank plenty of water.

    In this time I’ve lost 7kg (making me 86kg) now and I look significantly skinnier and feel tiny.

    What is the best route to working my way back up quickly to a decent weight? I don’t want to binge eat **** but at the same time I already struggled eating 4500 calories clean to bulk every day. Is a 500-700 calorie surplus reasonable?

    Bearing in mind I’ve basically been in a 4000 deficit for a stretch of time and I understand I’ve lost muscle but I know that will quickly come back after a few weeks of training.

    Please any advice or personal experiences is greatly appreciated.
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