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    My 4 month transformation

    8/22: 207lbs
    9/22: 185lbs
    10/22: 170.6lbs
    11/22: 164lbs
    12/22: 155lbs

    A little bit fast in the first couple months but I was in a rush to lose fat, didnt care about ending up skinny- its a better starting point to add quality mass anyways and it beats being 25+% body fat by a mile. I was also making strength gains all throughout and I felt fine energy wise so I wasn’t too worried.

    Pleasantly surprised by how my face was affected by fat loss. I had an ugly AND fat face before but now Im just regular ugly. Its weird having a lean face for once in my life, its strange seeing myself in videos and pictures- it almost feels like it isnt even me.

    Plan is to keep cutting until February. I estimate Im 13-14% body fat right now and Im definitely fine to go ahead and bulk but my gym partner and good friend is cutting through January so I figured f*** it Ill go another month, we’ll get through it together and I can get closer to the 11-12% range and then go on a suuuper long lean bulk. If youve read all of this, thank you.
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