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Thread: Pec Injury

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    Unhappy Pec Injury

    Hey guys, first time poster and unfortunately it is about an injury I suffered about 4 months ago that is still bothering me.

    It was my first set of Incline DB Press 80x7x5 and as I was coming down with the DBs on my third rep I felt a sudden tight sensation across my right pec. Out of stubbornness and stupidity I continued my set and even did another (albeit I adjusted my ROM to lessen pain). I continued to finish my upper body workout independent of chest exercises with less volume and proceeded to go back to my college dorm to ice the area on and off for the next few hours.

    The following day, I had a small bruise (slightly larger than the diameter of a quarter) about 1-2 inches above my nipple, but I had no ROM restrictions and no visible deformity (which I still do not). The bruise disappeared after a week and I briefly began to lift using light weights and avoiding chest exercises; however, I figured it was best to stop in order to let the injury heal.

    Shortly thereafter I saw my orthopedic surgeon who had surgically repaired a SLAP tear I suffered on my shoulder on the same side 4.5 years ago. He performed a physical examination and is 99% that no surgical intervention is necessary as I had minimal bruising which was not on the tendon, perfect ROM, and no weakness in specific rotations. Following his advice, I took off another month and a half; however, I was still having pain so I was referred to physical therapy.

    I am home for winter break and have been attending PT for about 4 weeks while performing a list of stretches everyday. I have began training every upper body muscle group, with the exception of chest, using cables and machines with extremely light weight and have had no issues thus far. Despite this, I frequently find myself grabbing at my pec even when I am not working out and it continues to bother me and cause pain despite the injury occurring 4 months ago.

    I do trust my doctors word and am NOT seeking medical advice, but I just wanted to know if anyone here has found themselves in a similar situation with their pec before and shed some light as to how / when you made your way back to the gym. It's just been an extremely frustrating past few months as I was previously making the most progress since before my shoulder surgery and I am dying to getting back to lifting.

    Thanks so much in advance.
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    I have the exact same problem, ive torn my left pec 4 month ago and the constant pain is still going on there like non stop, i went to see sport injury doc he told me the tendon is fine but it might be a tear in the muscle belly, ive been resting it for 4 month without a slight improvement,im seeing PT for 3 weeks now, the pain still remains there its more like dull ache pain i also have upper triceps non stop pain.I am dying to getting back to lifting but i cant.
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