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    Hurt myself and can't work out

    Okay I'm new to this site I don't know where this should be post but I just wanted to do a little rant. 31 years old I worked out in the past about 5 years ago. Started working out again three months ago three times a week never missed a workout. I was eating right getting enough sleep I made great progress. Working out is the only think that truly makes me happy in my life pushing myself every workout I just love it. There's nothing I can buy that makes me happy like when in working out. Anyways my bench press was getting better and two weeks ago I tried going for one extra rep and I almost couldn't get it up and I had horrible form. Long story short I hurt my shoulder and back bad. I only have been able to work out my legs and I'm so so pisssed. I'm very down because I'm pretty sure I'm going to lose everything I just gained. I was just starting to feel like I was getting over the beginnings hump. The worst part is I start out skinny fat and gained alitte fat because I decided to bulk first not loose the fat I had. So if I lose all my muscles I will have to cut before I start bulking again. I'm just so annoyed right now because I can't work out. I will do it all over again if I have to because I'm not going to give up. I'm just really really annoyed and had to vent some. My wife is getting tired of me bitching about it lol
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