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    Talking Motivation for anybody that's got something in the way

    Just wanted to share a bit of my story for anyone thats in a similar situation or anyone that has something holding them back from their physical goals.

    I'm a 23 year old male, began working out last April while in rehab for addiction to the best worst drug on Earth, the one and only heroin lol. Began using drugs and smoking at a very young age: bud from 12 serious benzo and opiate use from 16 and then from 18-22 was doing dope heavy. I never had really gone to a gym, only physical activity was doing construction and landscaping from 17-22 so the lack of working out plus a VERY unhealthy lifestyle to say the least left me quite literally in pretty bad shape. Lowest weight I ever saw during use was 131lbs at 6'2 at 21.

    Spent 82 days in rehab and then 4 months in a halfway house. I started working out halfway through my stay in the rehab mostly out of boredom, but I liked it and started going hard and eating like a beast.. they actually had pretty good food and hey, it was free lol... I went in those ~6 weeks from doing 4 pushups at most and not being able to do a dip or pull up to being able to do over 30 push ups and about 10 dips and a couple pull ups and was already looking a lot better. They didnt let you use the scale there so the only times I weighed myself were with the doctor on day one and day 82. On day 82 I was 199lbs at 6'2. On day one, I was 152lbs... No BS lol. Now a lot of that could have been just from extreme dehydration and an empty stomach when I got there because I didn't gain much fat and couldn't have gained nearly that much muscle but still I was very happy with the weight gain.

    Then I got to the halfway house. There were dumbbells up to 80lbs, a bench, a squat rack and a curling bar. Simple but more than enough to get strong! A lot of the staff there were really into lifting and very strong and it made me want to get stronger. I tested my 1 rep maxes day 2 there: 165lbs on bench, 205 on deadlift (not being able to pull 225 when I saw a dude that must have weighed like 100lbs repping it really hurt me lol) and 135 x 2 on squat (yes, pathetic lol couldn't get 155 when I tried)

    By the end of my stay there 4 months later my 1RMs were 265 on bench, 335 on squat, and 385 on deadlift. Also hit 185lbs on standing overhead press, which I couldn't even squat when I got there, and 215 on seated overhead. Those gains might sound crazy but they're real I had really strong and smart people teaching and motivating me and most importantly tons of free food lol. Also genetically I come from very strong people so that might help with the relatively quick gains. My dad could bench 385 x 1 at like 40 years old and squat 10 plates for a couple reps til he ****ed his back up. Wasn't really eating healthy but I'd eat 8-12 eggs a day, bowls on bowls of cereal, tons of ramen, a lot of pancakes, mass gainer protein shake that had like 1250 calories a scoop or some craziness lol... just all types of ****. I was weighing in at around 205 and had definitely lost at least 6-8lbs of fat in those 4 months. I have before and after pictures I'm gonna put them up just made this account today. It's not like I'm some physical specimen now but I look so much better and in 5.5 months to gain over 50lbs of body weight and to bring my 1RM total in 4 months from 505bs to 985bs is crazy to me, I mean that's damn near 500lbs in FOUR months dude lol, especially when I could hardly walk sometimes the last couple months before I went to rehab!

    Anyway then I got out of rehab and got an apt in the area here in Scranton. Started going to an actual gym and to mix it up was doing leg press because I only did squats and deadlifts and lunges for legs for the whole time I'd been lifting. Second session doing that at the gym I got this insane headache which kept getting worse so I eventually went to the hospital. Apparently it was a really bad exertion headache but also got diagnosed with a chiari malformation in my brain and some heart issues likely from the drug use. The exertion headache lasted a very long time I guess it was like worsened by the chiari malformation so I wasn't able to lift for almost 2 months until a couple weeks ago. I lost a lot of weight during that time, fat AND muscle sadly... Probably like 50/50 which kinda sucks.. if anything I lost more muscle than fat I went from like 205 to 180-185. I wasn't as hungry since I wasnt working out and I have this crazy metabolism that just burns every bit of meat off me if I don't eat like an animal. Tested my 1RMs when I got back into it and it's still decent especially relative to my new weight and the 2 months of nothing physical. 235 on bench 275 on squat 365 on deadlift.

    So I had a little set back but im gonna come back and keep improving! After all the dope and situations I got myself into in life im lucky and thankful to be alive and free! If you're really really skinny like I was because of drugs or just because or if you're fat or whatever you don't like about your body it doesn't matter you can change it! You can change everything about your life really if you put your mind to it but all that other stuff is for another forum on another website lol... But yeah if you eat well (or just A LOT depending on your goals lol), go as hard as a MF when you lift and learn to ENJOY the pain and LOVE the feeling of pushing yourself all the way to failure, educate yourself on what you gotta do for your specific goals, and if possible work out with people who know how to motivate you and know their ****

    Good luck, see you at the gym!
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