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    Severely uneven deltoids

    My deltoids are crazy uneven. To my knowledge the anterior, medial, and posterior deltoids are actually split into 7 muscles: 2 make up the anterior, 1 for the lateral, and 4 making up the posterior. My right shoulder looks "normal" with a developed anterior and lateral deltoid visible from the front... In my left shoulder those same two muscles are significantly less developed with a more developed third muscle in between them that isn't present whatsoever on the right side. Not very noticeable when relaxed but when flexing or lifting it is super pronounced even through a shirt kinda drives me crazy. I'm pretty sure that on my left side this is the second (more posterior) of the two anterior deltoids where as on the right side only the first anterior deltoid and lateral deltoid are developed.
    My question is do you think there is any way to fix this or at least stop it from getting worse? I use good form lifting and do everything very evenly also haven't even been lifting a year and it's been there my whole life so it can't be from exercise. I worked labor for years which uses your muscles unevenly but again it can't be from that because I've always seen this since like middle school. I just don't want it to get worse than it is I've been lifting for 9 months have had great gains at 6'2 went from 150-155 lbs to 185 without gaining any fat probably lost some, but this unevenness has been really discouraging me lately in the gym it's all I can think about when I work shoulders I just picture it getting worse and worse... So yeah any tips on somehow isolating the front of the two anterior deltoid muscles would be appreciated if that's even possible. Thanks

    Also a possible contributing factor could be my bone structure I have a very uneven collarbone it is higher and straighter on the left side and and almost an inch lower and more curved backwards on the right. My ribs are very uneven as well. Not sure if that could influence this but thanks
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