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    Injuried tricep?

    Hey, Im new to this forum and bodybuilding. I think I might have screwed up my tricep cos I feel pain if i curl and cant bench without pain but if i touch it or fully extend my arm i dont feel anything. it's worse rn but now that I think of it, have felt it a few weeks before. I did 3 sets of dips with high volume machine then i went on to work biceps and other variations, went back there and did 3 more sets and it's not the first time so i suspect i shouldnt do it
    Also i start lifting my max volume without any warm up
    Thats what I've been doing and honestly I gained a lot of weight but I know I wasnt responsible about it
    I was just always anxious that going to gym itself was an accomplishment, feel me?
    I like working out and pushing myself to the limits but Idk if Im overloading or just doing it right. Should I refrain from lifting? I rly wanna go back but i dont want to damage any more of whatveer's been hurt
    Pls dont advice me to go to doc cos if i could, I wouldnt have asked for help
    Thanks guys and I really hope it's not permanent, even installed a pull up bar that i cant use
    PS: im not sure im posting at the right place so my apologies
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