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    In between Programs, Shortcut to shred or ICF 5x5 for losing fat?

    Hi guys,

    22yo male
    Bf: dropped from 30-18% (225-185 lbs) in past year.
    Originally I started On SL5x5 and got to the lifts:

    for 5x5:

    Squat - 325lb
    Bench 215lb
    OH 120lb
    Deadlift: 275lb
    Row: 160lb

    Until i saw I just wasnt losing body fat. I was at about 196lb

    So I switched to a keto diet and 16:8 Intermittent Fasting (reguarly check ketosis) dont count calories but with keto its easy to stay in control

    I also started Jim stoppannis shortcut to shred. I just completed it and Im at 185lb.
    However, Ive been noticing my strength is way down, and i still look just as fat, which makes me think i just lost muscle.

    I need your help to decide if I should re-cycle the shortcut to shred and get down to my desired bf % of 15,
    or if I should keep dieting and switch to ICF 5x5?
    Is building muscle going to help me look better or burning the fat?

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