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    Minor Back Pain After Workout?... (New to going to the Gym)

    Started working out for about a month with no problems at first but now have been getting a ache in my lower back which comes shortly after working out and can feel more of the pain a day after for 2-3 days than it goes away, I keep my back straight and use proper form, i avoid hard on the back gym equipment and have watched many videos on keeping your back safe while working out but it still persists. Just lifting Dumb bells and i can feel pain come shortly after, Its minor but still a concern that it can get worse and worse, Is this my back strengthening or is there a problem? I now avoid back strengthening equipment as it causes more pain than anything else though, For all my life i would sit with a bad posture, Sitting with my back slouched which i am working on to get in a habit of good posture. What sucks most is this has caused less motivation to go the gym if im causing harm that can be a big problem later down the road, im a 28 yr old Male. I go to the gym every 3 days, Drink a protein shake before i go and take 5 caps of Creatine and 3 Pills of Testosterone booster. (recommended doses) I take a multi vitamin in the morning and Magnesium pill a hour or 2 before sleep. I also take Vyanse (Mind stimulant) + Baclofen (Muscle Relaxant) in the morning / afternoon but go to the gym in the evening which i take my workout supplements many hours after the medication. In a youtube video the guy showed all the equipment to avoid at the gym as it causes strain on your back which are machines i used at first but because the pain came quickly in around a week after starting to work out, im convinced the pain would of came no matter what. I have never had this back ache before, Not even during jobs that required heavy lifting. Its been around 3 weeks of this persisting minor but annoying + concerning pain every time i work out.
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