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    Injured something doing curls, Paresthesia fingers, toes

    Back on Aug 12 I was doing curls and using bad form, swinging the bar and my neck was down. Nothing heavy maybe 75#. Within three days I had Paresthesia of my fingers and toes, stiff neck and dizzy spells. Toes will go from ice cold to burning.
    Had extensive blood work and xrays of neck. Nothing significant.
    Seen Neurologist, she said whiplash injury and ordered MRI. Image didn't reveal anything significant.
    Went to ortho surgeon yesterday. Didn't have a definite diagnosis for me. Said I might have pulled a ligament thats contacting spinal cord.
    Surgeon referred me to PM&R

    This has been going on for almost three months now. Been lifting casually all my life and became complacent one time and got hurt. I'm 58.

    I know someone has seen this type of injury before, if anyone can offer any insight I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you
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